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Moving Advice: How to Pack Perfectly

1. Get some fillings. Depending on the material that is inside the box, you may have to get fillings such as bubble wraps, extra Styrofoams, or foams. They can be useful in adding extra protection to your items, especially the high-value ones. You can also make use of old newspapers to wrap those figurines and vases.

2. Check the bottom of the box. It’s highly recommended to confirm if the bottom portion of the cartons are strong enough to hold the weight of the items that you’re planning to place inside. The lids must also be properly and tightly closed. If this is done, you don’t have to worry about dropping items directly into the ground or floor.

3. Don’t go more than 50 pounds. As much as possible, you should not go over 50 pounds for your every box. This is so it will be more convenient for you and your movers to carry the boxes around, and there will be lesser possibilities of accidentally dropping the cartons.

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